"The whole trouble is that -- literally -- we do not know what is good for us; and what makes the trouble still worse is that we think we do. We have our own plans for our happiness, and too often we merely regard God as somebody who will help us to accomplish them. The true state of affairs is just the opposite. God has His plans for our happiness, and He is waiting for us to help Him to accomplish them. And let us be quite clear about it: We cannot improve on God's plans." This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Entrance of the Mother of God to the Temple

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God to the Temple.  I found a beautiful contemplation on this subject here.

As I reflect on my thoughts about Mary, my thoughts often wander to her suffering.  She loved the Lord perfectly, always accepting His will, yet she still suffered.  She watched Him die.  Cruelly.  As a mother myself, I don't know how she could bare it.  Yet, she did.  Moreover, she did it gracefully.  And three days later, she saw the redemption of all people.

There was a time in my life of deep sadness.  I remember laying on the floor, talking to my mom, the only words that could come to my lips were, "I'm just suffering."  Sadness consumed me.  I waited, as Mary waited, to see what good God would bring from this time.  For me, it took three years, not three days, but the redemption of my broken ideas, hopes, and dreams for my family came.

A friend called me today, crying and struggling.  She is in a time in her life that is full of dealing with exhausting things.  Small children that need her constantly, in addition to all of her day to day activities feel overwhelming.  One harsh word from another just pushed her beyond her limits.  I listened and comforted her and promised I would pray for her.

But, I also asked Mary, the Mother of God, to pray for her.  She knows all too well that even when we love the Lord, we are not spared the hard times.  However, we are promised that there is more to come.

There is always more to come.here

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  1. You couldn't have asked for a better intercessor! I have depended on Mary for years. I Consecrated myself to her Immaculate Heart (St Louis de Montfort method) back in April of 2001. As we read in Genesis3:14-15, the Lord placed enmity between satan and Mary. Many of the saints comment on how satan has expressed that he cannot withstand the prayers of intercession that come from Her. I would encourage everyone to consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart and to place their prayers and petitions in her hands to present to her bride the Holy Spirit.