"The whole trouble is that -- literally -- we do not know what is good for us; and what makes the trouble still worse is that we think we do. We have our own plans for our happiness, and too often we merely regard God as somebody who will help us to accomplish them. The true state of affairs is just the opposite. God has His plans for our happiness, and He is waiting for us to help Him to accomplish them. And let us be quite clear about it: We cannot improve on God's plans." This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prayer in our Life: What is prayer?

Prayer in our Life is a study series available through God with Us Publications. This is one of the curriculums I will be using as a foundation this year. This particular program can be found here. It is seven lessons long and has three levels of instruction on each topic geared toward different age groups. While I am using this program as my foundation, following is the lesson I created to teach children about prayer for this week.

The objectives of this lesson are to teach children that prayer is simply talking to God. We will also focus on our Beginning prayers. For the little ones, this will mean mastering the Sign of the Cross. For our older children, this will mean being introduced to the Trisagion prayers, or the Thrice Holy Hymn.

If you would like to print out and review the teacher's lesson plan that I created, you can print it here. Since I am teaching a multi-grade classroom, I had to adjust the formatted script from the text to accommodate all the children.

For our activity, we are making lap books. I have two set ups, one again for the older children with the Trisagion prayers and one for the younger children with the Sign of the Cross.

These look rather plain, they were my practice samples. The children's folders and pieces are colored, so it is much more appealing then. I will try to upload a few photos after we complete them tomorrow!

Here are the links to the lap book parts for your reference! Not all of the spacing and format translated well into Scribd, so you may have to adjust the documents once you download them.

Vocabulary folds

Left side, younger children

Left side, older children

Lap book Center, younger children originally found and adapted from HERE

Center page, older children

Right side, all children

No Eastern Catholic introduction to prayer would be complete without a discussion about icon corners! Please see my previous post here to learn more about setting up your own icon corner.

Take home activities:
For my pre-readers, adjusted to our tradition from HERE. (We make the Sign of the Cross from right to left!)

For my Primary grade children

My Secondary grade children are using a worksheet from the curriculum (page I-13)

A reflection on prayer for teens, originally found HERE, I created this page.

May God bless you abundantly this weekend!

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