"The whole trouble is that -- literally -- we do not know what is good for us; and what makes the trouble still worse is that we think we do. We have our own plans for our happiness, and too often we merely regard God as somebody who will help us to accomplish them. The true state of affairs is just the opposite. God has His plans for our happiness, and He is waiting for us to help Him to accomplish them. And let us be quite clear about it: We cannot improve on God's plans." This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Feast of St. Nicholas

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! A few links to resources that I have used for this day:

This site allows you to send an email greeting with an icon of St. Nick

While this site has great ideas, stories, and crafts to do as a family and to discuss both "Santa" and St. Nick.

Still working on preparing some organized posts about preparing for the Feast of the Nativity of Christ...but wanted to at least get a few links up for this special day!