"The whole trouble is that -- literally -- we do not know what is good for us; and what makes the trouble still worse is that we think we do. We have our own plans for our happiness, and too often we merely regard God as somebody who will help us to accomplish them. The true state of affairs is just the opposite. God has His plans for our happiness, and He is waiting for us to help Him to accomplish them. And let us be quite clear about it: We cannot improve on God's plans." This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Confession....make it a family affair!

My girls were baptised Roman Catholic, so when we became Melkite, we wanted them to received the rest of their sacraments of initiation...Confirmation and Communion. This photo was taken that day...surrounded by family, we ushered the girls into the Church through the Sacraments. I have often wondered why we don't do the same with Confession. It seems that we feel this Sacrament is "too personal" to have any group expectations, but I disagree! We all sin, this is a fact. The content of that sin is personal, but the fact that Confession is a beautiful gift, source of grace, and an opportunity to reunite ourselves to the Body of Christ makes it far from only a personal, private experience! We have decided as a family to go to Confession together. My youngest does not yet go, but she comes along as well. It was beautiful! I spent time with my 8 year old helping her to do an examination of conscience, then she spent time alone preparing her Confession. I discussed what sin is with her and printed an examination of conscience for children for her to read through on her own. I was truly impressed with her thoughtfulness! (and no, I didn' "check" her sins after...those were left private) Since this was just her second time going, I printed out my guide to Confession, which helps her know what to say so she doesn't get nervous. Then, we made arrangements wih our priest to come to church early. One at a time, we each made our Confession. It was a positive experience for our daughter and is always for us. I would encourage you to consider doing the same. Don't let your children miss out on this beautiful Sacrament and source of Grace! Make the time...on a regular basis...it is well worth it!