"The whole trouble is that -- literally -- we do not know what is good for us; and what makes the trouble still worse is that we think we do. We have our own plans for our happiness, and too often we merely regard God as somebody who will help us to accomplish them. The true state of affairs is just the opposite. God has His plans for our happiness, and He is waiting for us to help Him to accomplish them. And let us be quite clear about it: We cannot improve on God's plans." This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R.

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Testament

Having a new baby has certainly put me behind!

Never-the-less, I wanted to update the blog with my plan for this year! This year's lesson plans will be focusing on stories from the New Testament. Due to an increase in volunteers, I have also slightly changed my classroom style.

Each week, we will have three stations set up for the children. Station One will be the lesson station where we will break down the topic of the day and make it applicable to the children. Station two will be hearing the text that we are studying from the Bible, followed by an activity. The third station will be a craft or something for the children to take home to remember the lesson by.

Our group of children have been divided into three groups as well, based on age. The children rotate through each station in their age group, so the teachers can adjust the content as needed. We are three weeks in to a new year at this point and it is going very well! The major advantage of this style is that I only have to create one lesson plan to use for all three classes. Since we are so small, this is key!

I will attempt to post each lesson plan on here for your reference. I pray that it is a resource to all of those in the East- Catholic and Orthodox alike!